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September 2015

September 21, 2015


I'm still scratching my head over how the summer ended so fast, but I think I've figured it out. Maybe. Anyway, I have some fabulous news, including an opportunity for you to get clean ebooks free or at a discount, and I'm excited to share.

Current Release

The Takeover is my most current release, or will be on September 30th. This is the fifth and final book in my Teyla Branton urban fantasy series. Yes, it has been horribly delayed, but as I healed from my surgery in May and had my mother-in-law here to help, I was able to finally get back on the writing bandwagon. This is my first full-length novel since the copyright infringement last year, so it is important to me emotionally in that respect. Yes, this is why there were no newsletters after JuneI was writing. Yay! The ebook of The Takeover is on preorder on most platforms now. The print and Nook version won't be out until the 30th. Links: Kindle, iTunes, Kobo, Google. I will send a new release announcement when it's out but meanwhile, you can enjoy a sample chapter here.


What I'm Writing Now

I am now working on a short novella for a new Kindle World that is being created. I am also writing a book about Lily (Tessa's sister in Tell Me No Lies under my pen name Rachel Branton). Lily's book, House Without Lies, will become #1 in the Lily's House series (working title), with the existing Tell Me No Lies and Your Eyes Don't Lie becoming #2 and #3. Then Brette's story (she's a minor character from Your Eyes Don't Lie) will be book #4, once I get it written. I should have #1 and #4 out already, and new series covers for #2 and #3, and I'm sorry for the delay, but I am trying to make up for lost time. Writing is fun again, and I can't be happier about that. I can't wait to get in these romances before I begin another fun series about a police sketch artist.


Great New Discounted eBook Website!

I am working with My Book Cave, which is a site where readers can subscribe to receive notice of free and discounted ebooks. The difference is YOU get to choose the level of violence, language, and sex in each book that is sent to your inbox. Think of it like movie ratings, only a bit more detailed. The website is live, but is receiving a completely new look in preparation for the mid-October launch. Best of all, those who subscribe now, will receive during the launch, a link where they can choose three ebooks from a list of ten that they will be able to download absolutely FREE. Yay! Plus, every day, you will receive emails from My Book Cave featuring highly-rated books for your enjoyment. So no more reading books with content you don't want to see. You make the choice, and you can stock up on books to read later. My Book Cave is also going to be doing fun (and silly!) giveaways, like a pillowcase or a mug used by an author, a signed page from a current work-in-progress. Click here to sign up now. I've already found a lot of great books there.


Plagiarism Update

My attorney has requested a lot of financial documents from me, which I have provided. It was sad to see how this has affected my finances, but I am determined to think positively about the future. He is preparing to begin depositions now.


Nunes Family News

Well, besides eating mostly chocolate milk and Maria cookies (kind of like graham crackers) for his meals and seeing police brutality and local lynchings, my missionary son seems to be surviving and enjoying his experiences in Mozambique so far. I admit to feeling really uncomfortable knowing there is a need for an armed guard outside the missionaries' house, but I am praying hard that my son stays safe.


My husband, who is one of the programmers for My Book Cave, is home now as he works on the site. He's healed well from his surgery, thankfully, though it'll likely be a year until he feels completely normal. On the other hand, I'm battling near-constant swelling in my ankle, but I am walking around outside the house in flats. With a brace, I can walk for a mile and go bike riding. Sometimes I have to wear it at night to sleep because of pain. They say it should also be back to normal in a year. So far, I am no better than before the surgery, but ankles are difficult because of their location. I'm still confident it will eventually be better. The ligaments are definitely tighter now.


Our baby has been so content to have my husband working from home. She is four now and has started preschool and ADORES it, but she is experiencing separation anxiety, so for the first week and a half I had to go inside with her. Then, using positive reinforcement in the form of small toys we bought at Wal-mart, I spent the next week on the porch, and now I am finally waiting for her outside in the car. She's not yet ready to stay and let me drive home, but we have already made great progress this month. I have my laptop so I can work in the car. She also went to her primary class by herself (yes, I had to sit in the hall), but her anxiety is easing, and she trusts that I'm not going to lie to her and leave. It's weird having a child act this way, especially since we raised her just like the other six, but we're rolling with it. I want her to be well-adjusted, and if that means taking more time to allow her to feel secure, I'm fine with that. She's my most important job right now.


Words to Live By

A lot of people yearn for success. I've seen this in a lot of writers, but it extends to every career field and personal life. There is only one key that I've noticed, and that is not giving up. Yes, some people hit fame or fortune overnight. Some seem to do so without even trying. But those are the flukes, the chance occurrences. Luck. Those who consistently find success are normally those who keep pushing and working toward their goal. They try different methods, they learn new things, they research. They don't give up. Even those who have one-time luck must prove what they're made of or their fluke success will be fleeting.


What do you really want? What is your ultimate goal? Remember to make that goal realistic and based upon YOUR actions, not on the actions/acceptance of others. So don't dream that a publisher is going to knock on your door and ask you to sign a multi-million dollar contract. Or that a talent scout is going to see you at church and cast you for the next blockbuster film. Or that your business is going to be the size of Microsoft by the end of the year.


You can only control your actions. Break it down and work on one step of the goal at a time. Fix your eyes on the prize, and never, ever give up. Whether you take three steps forward and two and a half steps back, or one step back and two steps forward, as long as you don't quit, you will eventually reach a level of success. It's okay to change your goal, if you find you don't want it after all, but don't give up just because it's hard. Because you will make it.


Hold onto the dream! I hope this week we all take more steps forward to our success. Thank you for your continued support!

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