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January 2016

January 19, 2016


I hope you all had a great holiday season. Ours had some unexpected bumps but for the most part, it was very low key. On the writing front I have a lot of great news!

Current Release

House Without Lies has just hit the virtual shelves. The book is the first in my Lily’s House series under the name Rachel Branton. I already published two other novels, Tell Me No Lies and Your Eyes Don’t Lie, as standalone novels, but readers wanted to know about Lily (Tessa’s sister from Tell Me No Lies) and her house for runaway girls, so House Without Lies was born. House Without Lies precedes the other books in the timeline, and both the main characters from the other two novels are in the story, so I’ve made them into a series. I also plan to write additional novels about the girls at Lily’s House. I’m really excited about the future of the series. Links: Print, Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Google, or you can read  a sample chapter here.



But that is not all. Yes, there is another book! My novella Royal Quest, also under the name Rachel Branton, set in the brand new Kindle World of the Royals of Monterra, will be available on Amazon January 21st! Monterra is a fictional country near Italy (they speak Italian), and they have a king and dukes and other royalty. We’ll be having a Facebook launch party with giveaways (including gift cards and a Kindle Fire) for the Monterra World’s seed authors on Thursday January 21st. I’ll be there for questions at 7:00 pm MST (or 9:00 pm EST), and I’d love to “see” you there. Royal Quest was a super fun story to write, and I hope you enjoy it! Depending on how well it's received, I may write more stories with my new characters from Royal Quest.


What I'm Writing Now

I'm currently working on two Lily House novellas that will be in two different anthologies this year. I'm also putting final touches on a picture book with beautiful illustrations that I'm super excited about (hopefully more about that next month). I'm so excited to be writing well again, and I'll be doing a lot more books in the future.



My Book Cave


Last time I told you about My Book Cave, and I'm pleased to say that it's been growing well, and more and more authors are offering their ebooks through the site. For those of you who haven't signed up, here's a bit more information.


My Book Cave sends you free email alerts about free and discounted ebooks that match both the genres and content ratings you're interested in.

  • Site is absolutely free—and always will be!

  • Reader-friendly rating system for heat, nudity, violence, language, and more

  • Know exactly why a book received a rating

  • See at a glance if there’s a book you want

  • Ebooks are always discounted by authors or publishers

  • Family friendly site—easily choose ebooks for adults or kids

  • Books are screened before the promotions, so you receive only the highest quality

  • Download the titles from your favorite ebook site (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and more)

Participation Needed for Upcoming My Book Ratings Site

Just as exciting, we will be launching My Book Ratings, another free site that will permanently list all the books we've featured on My Book Cave PLUS books that are rated by readers, authors, and publishers. I'm super excited about these site, because ratings for books is something that is long overdue. Imagine if we didn't have ratings for movies or games? How would we ever know what to take our children to? Book ratings are terribly important, especially with the New Adult literature being marketed these days. The time when conservative readers could trust a young adult novel just because it's targeted toward younger readers is long, long past.


While My Book Ratings is a huge, very expensive, time-consuming effort on our part, it will ultimately be the community that makes a difference when the site goes live, because we can't possibly rate thousands of books on our own (even though the rating system is simple). But together we'll do it! We even have rating symbols authors can choose to put on their books. If rated books is something you care about for yourself or your family, I hope you'll join the effort and support both these sites that will become a resource for the community. Both sites will use the same login. Click here to sign up.


Plagiarism Update

I have to go in for my deposition on February 3rd. I'm not really looking forward to having my life disrupted again, especially since I finally got over my anxiety about writing, but it's a necessary step to defending copyright. I keep reminding myself that it's just not my situation that's at stake. Far too many authors have had their hard work blatantly stolen.


Nunes Family News

We are doing well as a family. We did have a horrible scare with my father in November when he spent three weeks in the ICU after surgery for a stomach bleed. Two of my sisters and I took turns staying with him around the clock, and at one point we called all our siblings because the doctors were acting as though he would die. His heart and lungs appeared to be failing. But he pulled through, and is slowly on the mend. I thought the time I spent away from my writing would delay my novel, House Without Lies, but I finished on schedule, sometimes writing double my normal in a week. I feel like it was a miracle, and I am grateful. Grateful for more time with my sweet father, grateful to my husband for holding things together at home the days and nights I spent at the hospital, and grateful when it was all over for the muse sitting on my shoulder telling me what to write.


My missionary son is still loving Mozambique and has an Angolan companion now, so his Portuguese should get even better. My ankle is healing at last, though I still battle swelling. Best of all, now that I'm dealing better with anxiety, I was able to drop the weight I'd gained since the copyright infringement! Not quite back to normal, but close enough. I suspect my husband and I are working too much, though, on My Book Cave/My Book Ratings. But it's important, so this is our family focus right now, and everyone is pitching in to make the sites a success.


In case you're wondering, my youngest finally goes to preschool all alone, but with the changes of Primary teachers, we're back to staying with her at church. But she's already warming up, and I suspect it'll only take another time or two and a little positive reinforcement (bribes) to get her to go again. (And yes, I'm already clearing my schedule for the first month of kindergarten to go with her.)


Words to Live By

Many people write a list of goals in January, and many of those goals are tossed aside by February. Why? Because it's too much. Too hard. Too scary to fail.


As a writer, I thrive on goals because they are the only way I'm able to finish stories. But too often we list the big things without thinking how we'll arrive there. The secret, I've discovered, is focusing on only one or two things at a time and breaking them down into daily little goals. For instance, when I need to write a 70,000-word novel, it seems impossible at the outset, and looking at it in a chunk can make it hard to start. But if I break it down to 2,000 words a day, it seems more manageable. I can write that much a day easily, if I've planned the scene in my mind the night before as I go to sleep, so it's not scary. Two thousand words a day means 10,000 words a week, and only seven weeks to finish a first draft. Pad in a few days for emergencies or other activities with the family, and we'll say maybe eight weeksif I adhere to that first relatively small goal. Then goals of rewriting (twenty pages a day) and editing (50 pages a day) follow for several more weeks until I have something ready to show people. And a novel is born. If I hadn't first set that small goal, I can tell you that reaching the large one would have been much harder.


Large goals can be magic, lifting and inspiring you to new heights, but making smaller goals a daily habit brings success and helps you reach your ultimate desires. So make that lofty goal, whatever it is, and then break it down to something that doesn't make your stomach clench and your mind scream "Impossible!" Let's make the magic work for us!


As always, I appreciate your support and your kindness.

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