Line of Fire, An Autumn Rain Novel

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Authors (check out their sites for what else they've written!):
  Anita Stansfield - Author of The Captain of Her Heart.
  Anne Bradshaw - Author of Terracotta Summer
  BJ Rowley - Author of the Light Traveler series
  Julie Wright - Author of Loved Like That
  Julie Coulter Bellon - Author of On the Edge and Time Will Tell
Katie Parker - Author of Just the Way You Are
Linda Whiting - Author of the biography David W. Patten, Apostle and Martyr
Michele Ashman Bell - Author of Without a Flaw
Shirley Bahlmann - Author of Walker's Gold and Unseen Odds (pioneer stories)
Tamra Norton - Author of Molly Mormon? and Molly Married?
Tristi Pinkston - Author of Nothing To Regret and Strength to Endure.

Some Favorites:
Kathy's Herb Shop - My mom's own shop! Order vitamins, herbs and other wholesome and all natural products.
Celestial Visions - Producers of the CD The Power and the Glory, a musical masterpiece conducted by Camarata. You will love this CD!

Other Sites
Call Your Missionary - Call Your Missionary or ANYONE ELSE & SAVE! 1.9 per minute to the USA & Canada. Call from the U.S. to more than 200 locations worldwide for under 10 per minute. No Fees.