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Kids Crazies

My husband is originally from Portugal, and though our six children and I are American, we used to speak Portuguese in the home to give them a taste of the culture, and so that they can communicate with their Portuguese grandmother. Like in English, many Portuguese words sound similar to small ears. Take bispo (bishop) and bicho (bug) for instance. One day we explained to my then four year old son that we were going to church to see our new bishop called into office. His face lit up and he ran quickly to find his little sister and translated our statement into English.

"Oh, Cassi, did you hear? Did you hear?" he said to her excitedly. "We're going to church to see our new bug!"


When my oldest children were three and four, they loved the Lois and Clark TV series. They would run wildly though the house acting out the parts where Superman saves Lois. Of course, when Halloween arrived my son just had to dress as Superman. His little sister chose the pumpkin costume but when we asked her what she was dressed as she replied, "I'm a Lois Pumpkin!"


Spilt milk accompanies every meal at our house. I'm so used to it now, it doesn't phase me. I know before I sit down at the table that I won't be able to finish eating without hopping up to get a rag to clean the latest mess. Well, that was true up until last week. On the night in question, dinner went by without a hitch. It wasn't until after that I exclaimed, "Oh, I can't believe it, we didn't spill any milk!" My eight-year-old looked at me and said, "Mom, you didn't give us any." Oops.


In her Primary class at church my six-year-old's teacher mentioned something about the difference between girls and boys. My daughter raised her hand to tell the class all about it. The teacher was a little nervous at what she would say, but my daughter simply explained about the X and Y chromosomes and which ones combined to make a girl or a boy. The teacher was surprised. "Where'd you learn all that?" she asked. My daughter laughed. "Bill Nye the science guy, of course."


"I maked it," my four-year old said.
"I made it," I corrected.
"No you didn't, I maked it!"