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Daughter of a King
Daughter of a King silicone wristbands are a popular reminder that you are a daughter of our Heavenly Father. Available in pink, hot pink, blue, teal, and purple.

All the bracelets come with a special message from Rachel that says "Remember Always that You are a Daughter of the King!"

Buy them online here with Paypal. The cost is based on quantity shown in the table below.

If you would like a mix of colors while still taking advantage of bulk quantities, please choose "mixed" below and use PayPal's comment box to tell me exactly how many you would like of each color. Don't try to put two orders through or you won't receive the best bulk pricing. If you choose "mixed" and don't let us know which colors to send, we'll send you an equal mix of all five colors (or as close to even as possible).

QuantityUnit CostShipping Cost
100 or more$1.00free
Daughter of a King Bracelets

Sorry, Daughter of a King bookmarks are not available at this time.


Are you a real Rachel Ann Nunes fan! Buy a bumpersticker for $3.00 (shipping included). Two kinds available: magnetic (sticks to back of car itself) or removable adhesive (sticks to bumper--guaranteed removable for up to a year!) To see the bumpersticker, click here.

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