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For Aspiring Writers

I receive many letters from people, young and old alike, asking how they can become writers. Some have the impression that writing is something that comes without work. They don't expect to become great pianists or surgeons overnight, but writing is something anyone can do, right?

Well, not without work. That's the first thing potential writers have to learn. Writing is definitely work, and like anything worthwhile, it will take a few years (or more) to start becoming successful.

On important thing writers should do is attend writing conferences and network with other authors. A great annual conference that I attend and teach at each year is the LDStorymaker conference. Visit our website for further details.

Many new writers also ask me to read their work. I can no longer do so. In order to answer the many writing questions you may have, I have included here some additional comments by me and also by other talented writers. So if you are finally serious about your writing, read on!