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Family Pictures
(currently being updated so there isn't much here yet)

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So I finally had my husband take this picture in case our daughter, Lisbon, due any day now wants to see what I looked like while I was carrying her. Picture taken 8/21/2011
Hiroshima, Japan July 22, 2009. Not a very clear picture, but I was happy to have proof that my son arrived in Japan safe and sound! Jordan is the second from the right, next to the Japanese elder in glasses. (This picture doesn't enlarge.)

My son Jordan in the MTC (May-July 2009). The first picture is him with his companion, Elder Sorenson (Jordan is on the right). The second picture is of Jordan alone.

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Pictures taken by Jennifer Amador on May 4, 2009 in American Fork, Utah. Two days before our oldest Jordan went into the MTC. Click for a larger picture.

My kids are so funny!
To see pictures from our 2007 trip to Portugal, click here.

Liana having a tea party with two of her brothers. She got the tea set for her third birthday.

Princess Liana trying out her Halloween costume.