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The Problem With Spaceships: Zero G

Chapter book, ages 6-10, 88 pages, 11,474 words.

Jordan Riley wants to be a spaceship captain someday. Traveling to Earth on a spaceship to visit his grandparents for the first time is his big chance to learn all about it. But soon Jordan, his brother Miles, and their friend Taina find themselves in zero gravity (zero G) and in BIG TROUBLE. Only by using their wits will they be able to save each other and the whole ship!

"In a world abounding in fantasy novels, it is refreshing to find a science fiction book for young readers. I can't wait to read what other adventures Jordan, Taina, and Miles will face next!" —Brett Sharp

What Others Are Saying

Thank you for giving us good books that we can just enjoy and relax with. I appreciate your clean writing and your ability to include good morals. There is so little of that these days. Thanks for sharing.
  —Madge Hill Bischoff
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Author's Comments

I wrote this one for my young children! I have more planned.

Sample Chapter

"I've never been in space before," said a voice behind me on the passenger deck of our spaceship.

I sat cross-legged on the thick carpet,  (more...)

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General Info

Nunes Entertainment, eBook, Gneral Fiction, 64 pages.
First printing in May 2011
ISBN 1-55517-646-1