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Teyla Branton

Sometime an author writes books that are so different from the others they've written that they use pen names so their readers aren't surprised at just how different they are. The name change gives them fair warning. Many readers like to stick to one genre, but some love to follow authors no matter what genre they write. If you're that kind of reader, stay tuned for my contemporary urban fantasy series Unbounded, written under the name Teyla Branton. (Think action, strong heroines, the fate of the world at stake.) Keep in mind that urban fantasy is by nature dark, and though my novels definitely don't delve into the darkest side of the genre and certainly don't waste plot space on intimacy scenes, this series is very different from my usual novels. We'll post covers here, but to read the backliner descriptions and sample chapters visit Recommended for ages 18+.

The Change (#1 Unbounded Series). Law school dropout Erin Radkey has Changed. By fluke of a recessive gene, she has become Unbounded, a nearly immortal being with paranormal abilities. Her Change, the first in her family line in centuries, has attracted the notice of two powerful Unbounded groups who struggle for control of the mortal world through politics, technology, and medical advances. Cross between the X-men and Highlander. Click on the covers below to read the back blurbs. Enjoy!

The Escape