Line of Fire, An Autumn Rain Novel

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Shades of Gray
An Autumn Rain Novel

An Autumn Rain Novel

Why would a contented husband who has it all simply disappear?

Autumn Rain believes someone from Dennis Brigg's past has played into his sudden disappearance, and she involves Detective Shannon Martin in the investigation, hoping that together they can find her friend before the past catches up to him.

Meanwhile, Autumn has troubles of her own. Her boyfriend, Jake, has been a great support since her father's death, but now his old girlfriend, Kolonda, needs his help with the strange events occurring at her rental buildings. Unfortunately, Jake's help doesn't seem to be all Kolonda wants. Autumn is equally confused about her own changing feelings for Jake and for Detective Martin.

Both investigations take a dangerous turn, with millions of dollars and many lives at stake, including that of an innocent young boy. Only by reading imprints—emotions left on certain objects—and putting herself at risk can Autumn unravel the mystery and save her friends.

A fast-paced, romantic suspense novel, Shades of Gray is one book you will not want to miss!

What Others Are Saying

I am a mother of 4 (with #5 on the way), a nurse, and member of the church. I used to LOVE reading, but life got away from me and I found I never had time. I finally decided that I had to start making time for me to gain some sanity! I usually can't get into fiction books. I thrive on non fiction-real people/real life stories. A friend of mine had the Ariana series and thought I might like it. I "humored" her and started to read. WOW! Rachel is a fabulous author. I couldn't put the books down. I felt like I was living in their lives, like I knew each character personally! I related to similar feelings of being a mom with young children, with a husband who travels for work. I finished the whole series in less than a week. Now my laundry and dishes are piled high because I spent all my time reading! LOL! But how worth it it was. I have several of her other books and can't wait to get my hands on all of them. Thank you, Rachel, for restoring my faith in fiction and giving me some "me" time!

  —Heather Hayes of AZ
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Author's Comments

I'm so pleased with the way this sequel to Imprints turned out. This book has a release date of May 8, 2011, but books should be in stores by the first or second week in April. Enjoy!

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General Info

Shadow Mountain, Softcover Tradeback, Paranormal, 260 pages.
First printing in March 2011
ISBN 1-60908-051-8