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Rachel Branton

Sometime an author writes books that are so different from the others they've written that they use pen names so their readers aren't surprised at just how different they are. The name change gives them fair warning. Many readers like to stick to one genre, but some love to follow authors no matter what genre they write. If you're that kind of reader, stay tuned for what else I've written under the name Rachel Branton. I have released four books under this pen name so far. I'm using this pen name to begin distinguishing mainstream titles from inspirational ones to better help readers choose what they'd like to read. So look for more contemporary romance coming up by Rachel Branton. We'll post covers here, but to read the backliners or view sample chapters please visit my Rachel Branton website. I am currently working on several Lily's House novellas for two separate anthologies, which will be followed by a fourth book, tentatively entitled, Hearts Never Lie and also a few more stories in the Lily's House world. Hope you love these books as much as I love writing them!