Line of Fire, An Autumn Rain Novel

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Line of Fire
An Autumn Rain Novel

Autumn Rain is back to work, along with handsome Detective Shannon Martin, but this time her investigation is personal. She must prove whether or not Cody Beckett is responsible for the disappearance of a young girl. His record makes him the main suspect, even if there's not enough evidence to arrest him, and Autumn's unique ability to read imprints may be the only way she can uncover the truth.

What Autumn discovers, however, is far bigger than she or Shannon expected. Secrets, lies, missing evidence, and Autumn's own volatile feelings regarding Cody muddy the case until they aren't sure whom to trust, even among their own allies.

Soon Autumn and Shannon are running out of time to save their own lives and the lives of more than just one little girl.


What Others Are Saying

love the Autumn Rain Series can't wait to see what happens with Autumn and Shannon.Now Cody coming into her life could Lead a lot of interesting twists for Autumn and Tawnia and Cody with Shannon there to keep her safe. Keep writing love all your books
  —Corrina Smith of Rexburg, Id
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Author's Comments

I LOVE Autumn Rain, and this was a particularly fun book to write. Enjoy!

Sample Chapter

People don't usually feel strongly about countertops, so they don't contain many imprints, especially those at a gas station. Maybe a hint of impati  (more...)

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General Info

Shadow Mountain, Softcover Tradeback, Paranormal, 320 pages.
First printing in September 2012
ISBN 978-1609071554
Reprinted by Cedar Fort, Inc. in 2002