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I always have several novels I'm working on, thinking about writing, or that are pending publication.  Here are some of those titles and/or descriptions.

A novella in the Lily's House series for an anthology. Contemporary romance.
Another novella in the Lily's House series for an anthology. Contemporary romance.
 #4 in the Lily's House series based on a character from House Without Lies (Lily's House #1) and Your Eye's Don't Lie (Lily's House #3). About Lily and Makay's friend Brete, who travels to Portugal to discover the secrets in her family's past. Why did her mother flee the country, leaving behind everything she loved, including Brete's father? At the family villa, she is welcomed with joy, except by the one man who has captured her heart. The truth she discovers is far more devastating than she ever expected. Will her own new-found love be destroyed in the flames?
A three-book (or more) series about a police sketch artist with a very special ability. I will probably be doing this series and the one listed below simultaneously.
A series about four sisters that I'm in the stage of plotting. I know you're going to love it!
 A really cool novel about a woman who overhears a simple phrase that changes her life forever. Planning stages.
When her husband is away for a week, Lindy discovers how capable she really is. If she can take care of all the household problems herself, and if a that week can be so peaceful, why should she put up with her husbands eccentricities? In the following weeks she struggles to become the person she's always wanted to be, deciding to break free. And yet, maybe that's not what it she needs after all. Maybe there is a better way. This novel explores all the reasons a couple should separate, and the many more why they should fight for the relationship they once treasured above all else. Will they understand the consequences before it's too late? Humorous, painful, and perhaps far too true for many couples. In progress.
The Garden, a novel about two young girls who are friends despite the disease that is tearing them apart. A novel of hope. I started this a long time ago and made the mistake of outlining the whole thing. Since I know the outcome, it's kind of hard to make myself finish it! Maybe someday.
My Mormon Woman book. This is a novel I want to write for the national market about the life of a typical Mormon woman and her friends and family. It will deal with many sensitive issues. I have been gathering information to use for years. It is my dream of "The Great Mormon Novel" which I'd like to take a stab at writing. (Doesn't every LDS author?) I have a good portion written, but likely won't have time to work on it for awhile. It's been on the bottom here for eight years.

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