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Flying Home

What if everything you ever thought was true about your past, wasn't true at all?

Liana Winn has always felt like an outsider in her family. As a child she was adopted by relatives after her parents' plane accident in India, but now that she is as an adult, her disjointed memories—and nightmares—of the past continue to make it impossible for her to bridge the wide gulf she still feels with her adoptive family. She is plagued by questions about her parents' deaths and wonders if that event is the reason for her inability to form deep personal relationships. Although her adoptive brother Christian has become her greatest friend and supporter, she even has difficulty bonding to him. Needing someone means love, and losing those you love hurts too much.

When Liana meets the successful businessman, Austin Walker, who has risen above his own difficult childhood on a Wyoming farm, she is certain their business will not extend to friendship. Yet she cannot deny their powerful connection and the feeling of hope he offers.

But the ghosts of the past will not rest for Liana, and when she travels to India in search of answers, she makes a shocking discovery at her parents' gravesite that just might mean the end of everything she's ever believed.

A satisfying, beautifully-woven story from best-selling author Rachel Ann Nunes.

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What Others Are Saying

I love this book a ton! Haha. I couldn't put this book down at all! I love it! I totally recommend it to other people! Wow!
Rachel Ann Nunes has gracefully woven the past with the present in her
new book "Flying Home." The giant chasm that is between Karyn and her older sister Clarrisa opens this compelling story. It allows a glimpse of the fierce love that is between sisters, even when they are estranged, and the gaping hole that is left when one sister is gone with no chance of reconciliation . . . It is absolutely refreshing to read a romance book that is not filled with intimate scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good love story. (For full review see AML List archives.)
  —Karen Hamilton
I loved the book Flying Home. It made me cry and it made me so interested that by page 50 I could not put the book down. I knew by the third page it was going to be a good book. I am a teacher and I don't get much time to read fun books, so it must be a good book or it doesn't get finished. I don't have time to waste with being a mother and full time teacher. I have just finished my librarian endorsement so this is a book I would want on my shelf. I sent out a text to my friends to tell them this is a "must read." I teach a lot of ELL students from Russia and many Ukrainians mostly girls. These students are so sweet. It made me stop and think about their country and all those people had been through. It had a message of hope and service which is very refreshing.
  —Katherine Jackson
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Author's Comments

This is my first book targeted toward the general book market. My editor feels like this is the best novel I've written so far. I hope the sales support that belief. I learned so much about India and Ukraine while writing this book, some of which I've been able to include. Enjoy!

Sample Chapter

Saturday August 29, 1981

Unalterable and unforgiving as a gaping hole in a cemetery, the event would forever after st  (more...)

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Shadow Mountain, Softcover Tradeback, Women's Fiction, 330 pages.
First printing in August 2007
ISBN 978-59038-798-6 Type other info here